Number of cans: 5689
Welcome to Polish beer cans catalog.
Updating the names of breweries - according to the suggestions first name of the city and then the brewery.
The cans from 2013 - 2017 have been updated almost completely.
Several brewery names have been updated. Added, for example, the city before the name of the brewery, or the name was replaced with the city. In the future, further minor changes will be made.
After over 2 years our catalog is back on the internet. We have a new address: http://www.katalogpuszek.pl. Also from now, our site is responsive.

I repaired (I hope so) some serious problems with displaying site on Internet Explorer 7 and 8. 

I've added possibility yo view cans by capacity.

Today I've started first Polish beer cans catalog online.

At this moment there are 4080 cans added, however I need to add some more cans.